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  • Build Your Application Once Run EverywhereiPhone, iPad, Droid, Zoom, Web, Desktop, you name it and Alpha Five gets you there, from single code base- saving you development time and money.- Store Your Data in a Format thats Highly CompatibleAlpha Five works with virtually every database backend on the market. It includes fast, native, drivers for SQL Server, MySQL and most others.
  • Build Rapidly Using Our Solid Proven Component ArchitectureAlpha Five's component approach to applications building not only saves time, but greatly reduces risk by letting you re-use well tested, efficient code.- Extend your Apps with Reusable Widgets Interactive InterfacesWith integrated jQuery and other feature, you can build highly interactive and responsive user interface. Teach your web apps some new tricks.
  • Easily Transform Data Information Powerful ReportingOur report writer, includes charting, graphing and drill-down capabilities so you can see the data behind summary values, readers great for web, print, more
  • With the Click of a Mouse You Can Plot Points on a MapSearch by regions, map the GPS data that is embedded in jpgs, pinpoint the location of mobile clients. Geographic info Systems adds amazing power to your apps.- Save Time and Money with Our Simple Scheduling
  • Easily Enhance your Apps with Images & Video- Powerful Data Visualization Interactive Charting 
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