Benefits and Insights

Why use Actifio CDS?

Key differentiators & advantages of Actifio CDS

  • Data Center Scalability with systems designed to manage petabytes of source application data

  • Accelerated Ingest with Change Block Tracking—Capture of only the unique changed blocks of application data, resulting in near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

  • Copy Data Virtualization—Globally De-duplicated object file system manages the application-aware copy data lifecycle across snapshot points in time, storage pools, and even sites. Storage optimization results in up to 95% reduction in the storage footprint in both local and remote sites.

  • FailoverTest and FailoverSync —run disaster recovery tests as often as possible using ReadyVM and virtual copies and sync back application data from business continuity DR site once the primary site is ready using only the uniquely changed data.

  • Dedup Async Replication—Actifio-designed network protocol for efficient data movement, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique data to the remote data stores. In addition to the native global de-duplication of data, this protocol drives down network usage by up to 70%. Based on SLA, copy data is continuously rehydrated on the remote site in order to achieve instant access or restores.

  • Dedup Backup Replication—Actifio-designed method for moving de-duplicated to a remote site for long-term retention.

  • Instant Recovery: By directly mounting the recovered data to a server, no data movement is necessary, resulting in near-zero recovery times.

  • SLA Architect: Actifio’s engine for creating SLAs that define the frequency of snapshots, class of storage to utilize, replication frequency and type, and retention, then mapping to applications and/or hosts.
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