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What’s Included in Web-Based EHR Software?

Whether you’re considering it for the first time or are ready to upgrade to something different, knowing what to look for in web-based EHR software is an absolute must. Electronic health records software, or EHR software, has been around for some time. New features are debuting all the time, which can make it tricky to zero in on software that will suit the needs of your practice. 

Cloud computing in the healthcare industry helps reduce costs, improve application performance and speed up goals to achieve meaningful use. If you’re a health care provider considering a cloud based EHR solution, read on to learn about the essential features to ensure you get the best cloud-based EHR software for your practice.

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Seven Features to Look for in Web-Based EHR Software

There are a lot of platforms to choose from in the EHR market. The best web/cloud based EHR systems includes these features:

1. Automatic Transcription

Voice-to-text technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last several years. In fact, many healthcare providers have been able to stop relying on medical transcription services for this very reason. Finding a SaaS solution with this feature is pretty easy.

2. Patient Portal

This feature is a win-win because it provides benefits for patients and medical practices alike. Patients can use the portal to provide basic information, which dramatically reduces the number of forms they must fill out by hand. They may also receive appointment reminders and reminders for tests they need performed. These portals sometimes also allow patients to view test results and other medical information.

3. Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescription functionality saves patients and medical personnel a lot of time. Doctors can quickly transmit new prescriptions to patients’ pharmacies, reducing redundancy and minimizing the risk of errors. Patients benefit too because their prescriptions are often ready to go by the time they arrive at the pharmacy.

4. Templates and Order Sets

Like most practices, yours probably often treats different patients for the same condition over and over. The right cloud-based EHR software lets you create templates and order sets, saving you time when tracking patient data and their treatments in the system. Much of the information is automatically populated, so less manual entry is required.

5. Custom Reports

Top-notch EHR software lets you generate custom reports on demand. Reports are in real-time, so you can quickly provide patients with reports regarding just about anything with a few clicks of the mouse button. This feature is also advantageous for medical practices, as reports can be generated and analyzed quickly, easily and as often as needed.

6. Intelligent Workflows

Ward off overcrowding in your waiting room with this indispensable feature. Intelligent workflows let you see how patients move through your practice in real time. Everything from clinical charting to scheduling for patients and providers is included, allowing you to assess the big picture. If bottlenecks occur, workflows can be analyzed to determine the cause of the problem.

7. 24/7 Access from All Devices

Finally, only select web-based EHR software. This cannot be stressed enough. Web-based EMR/EHR software allows you and your personnel to access the system anytime, anywhere. All they need is an Internet-capable device and an Internet connection. This is a major perk for all practices, but it’s especially beneficial for facilities with multiple locations and doctors who work at multiple locations.

The preceding seven features are absolutely essential. Use them as your starting point while investigating the available options. Only consider programs that include all of them at the absolute minimum. Remember too that different types of software often include specialized features that are beneficial to specific types of practices. Therefore, it is worth it to carefully consider all of the options. By taking your time and carefully researching the available options, you’ll easily select the perfect EHR software the first time. We recommend using a requirements template to manage this process.

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SelectHubWhat’s Included in Web-Based EHR Software?

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