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Top Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations

Every EHR system should be 360-degree patient-centric. But how do you decide which EHR software system is right for you? The features that make EHR systems stand apart are the ease and efficiency with which they connect people, integrate active deployment of patients’ medical information and the customization capabilities of clinical workflow functionalities. SelectHub has compiled a detailed list of the top five EHR systems. The following are the top 5 EHR system vendors for large organizations:

1. MediTech

MediTech is the top rated vendor on SelectHub’s EHR Software Leaderboard for 2015. Our comprehensive evaluation gives MediTech an overall score of 90, with excellent performance in patient Interaction functions, practice Management, and federally compliant security measures. MediTech is a solid EHR choice for larger organizations with few weaknesses. Gartner says that “Meditech knows how to build software, sets accurate expectations for delivery and has a well established implementation methodology.”

2. GE Medical Records

GE’s EHR system is particularly powerful in Reporting and all Patient Interaction functions, with a top score in each of these areas. GE earns very good scores in all other areas, except for Insurance Interaction and Document Storage. While these features are functional, they aren’t as advanced in this area as other EHR systems on this list. SelectHub analysts highlighted GE’s patient portal stating, “GE Healthcare’s online patient portal creates a convenient and secure administrative hub for providing patients with the flexibility to schedule their own appointments with ease.”

3. McKesson

McKesson boasts powerful performance in Physician Tools, Provider Communication, and Lab Integration, with top scores in Patient Communication, Document Storage, and Insurance Verification. While it has weaker scores in eMAR Tracking and Computerized Physician Order Entry, McKesson’s EHR system should be on every buyer’s shortlist. The SelectHub analyst team rated McKesson’s insurance verification capabilities as excellent, “Mckesson verifies insurance eligibility, obtains authorization, verifies demographic information confirms medical necessity, and assesses ability and likelihood to pay estimated healthcare costs during scheduling and patient registration.”

4. Greenway

Greenway boasts top scores in e-Prescription capabilities, Patient Communication and Lab Orders and Results. Greenway offers basic performance in eMAR tracking and Computerized Physician Order Entry, but earned good or better scores in all other functions. Greenway has a well balanced set of features accommodating a broad range of business requirements. Our opinion is that this system is worthy of consideration for practices small or large who are looking to integrate a new EHR.

5. Care360

Care360 offers another powerful, efficient EHR solution. The system’s weakest areas are eMAR Tracking, Computerized Physician Order Entry, and Immunization Registries. However, it still earned average scores in each of these functions. Care360 earned excellent scores in Reporting, Practice Management, Provider Communication, Patient Portal, and Automatic Patient Reminders. In all other areas, Care 360 earned a better than average scores.

While ratings are an important component of any evaluation, the best methods to select the best EHR system for your practice are to know which functionalities and requirements will truly better your practice, and to educate yourself thoroughly on the options available.

For more information, including a list of in-depth capabilities of the top EHR systems, read: EHR System Requirements, Software Features and Functionality Checklist.

SelectHubTop Electronic Health Records Systems for Large Organizations

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