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Popular EMR/EHR Software List

With the federal incentives for medical practices and hospitals to make the conversion to electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, the EHR software market has exploded. The many options available for converting and maintaining electronic records can be overwhelming and confusing.  To help you and your medical practice make the best choice for the needs of your patients and medical professionals, consider these leaders in EMR and leaders in EHR technology.

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Medical providers can view medical histories, lab results and previous patient notes from nearly anywhere using the Meditech software system. In addition, you can view Continuity of Care Documents from other software systems to help you provide the best possible care for all of your patients as one of the top options in the EHR software market.

With exceptional customizability, the GE EMR offers you ambulatory options that are easily integrated into your daily workflow. Experience the ability to share data with other medical facilities while you are on the move yourself. This software system takes care of your revenue and practice management while you concentrate on quality time with your patients.

Intergy EHR
Specifically designed to make your office workflow more efficient, the Intergy EHR software system does everything from appointment scheduling to medical billing. With special focus on streamlining patient check-in and verifying insurance claims, this EHR is determined to provide the highest level of productivity possible for your office.

Care360 EHR
This web-based EHR system offers the ability to integrate patient scheduling and medical billing modules to streamline your office workflow. With features perfectly designed for specialty medicine, Care360 is easy to use and self-explanatory in its design and features to make your work more efficient.

McKesson EMR Software Solution
With features such as ePrescribing, lab integration and patient portal access, among many others, McKesson’s EMR is web-based and intuitive to use. Updates occur automatically so that you do not have to worry about keeping your software on track. In addition, you can access your records through nearly every device no matter where you are.

Allscripts TouchWorks
Formed by the 1981-founded Allscripts medical company, this EHR makes your professional life easier with intuitive design that mimics your practice workflow. Utilize the Allscripts remote options, allowing you and your patients to access medical records from anywhere. This is a great option for traveling physicians or fast-paced medical environments.

Intersystems TrakCare
Intersystems TrakCare uses a variety of administrative, clinical and departmental modules to create a unified electronic medical record for each of your patients that is comprehensive and allows you to provide optimal patient care. With everything from detailed medical histories to patient demographics, this EMR provides a detailed summary for each patient.

Receiving high marks from medical professionals and patients alike, eClinicalWorks features easy access to all its features and intuitive styling that make learning this system simple. It transitions well with the other technology in your office, such as copiers, telephones and fax machines.

Cerner Ambulatory
Intended to empower medical providers with comprehensive access to all aspects of a patient, including allergies and previous procedures, Cerner Ambulatory allows you to ePrescribe to nearly every pharmacy. In addition, the patient portal allows your patients to send messages for appointment scheduling and to view results of their recent lab work or procedures.

EpicCare Ambulatory EMR
From long-time medical company EpicCare comes this ambulatory system that makes charting and patient care a breeze. The web-based features make is simple for you and your staff to travel between buildings and appointments without sacrificing your important time or quality patient care.

NextGen Ambulatory EHR
Designed for you and your staff to share and manage patient information on the go, the NextGen Ambulatory EHR allows you to change location and still maintain access to everything that you need to know. This system is perfect for physicians who migrate between offices, hospitals or other medical facilities.

Practice Fusion EHR
With a free system available, you can get a feel for the certified, cloud-based charting and scheduling options available with Practice Fusion. Updates are automatically installed on Thursday nights, providing a new boost for your Friday morning. Be part of the nearly quarter million healthcare professionals who are already using this user-friendly EHR.

ADP AdvancedMD EHR
With just one log-in, your staff will have access to this cloud-based EHR that allows them to travel from office to hospital. The integration of this software system with the office workflow is seamless and simple to install. The all-in-one design of the system includes billing, medical coding and patient portal access that keep your staff and your patients more connected than ever before.

The cloud-based CureMD is designed with simpler navigation in mind, providing a customizable, colorful and easy-to-understand dashboard that allows you to complete coding and ePrescribing with just a few clicks. You can design your own template to create the most intuitive use possible, and the system provides free updates on a regular basis.

Praxis EMR
Based on an artificial intelligence engine created with input from each user, Praxis EMR allows you to continue using your old methods of charting and prescribing in a digital setting. Perfectly flexible for you while you provide excellent patient care, this software is just right for everyone in your practice, no matter his or her technological abilities.

With high ratings for overall ease of use and 24/7 customer service, athenaClinicals is a cloud-based EMR option from athenahealth, a vendor that has been around since 1997. You will appreciate the automatic updates, as well as the ability for your staff to customize the look and functionality for each member’s electronic device and workflow.

Acute Care EMR
Another EMR option from Cerner, Acute Care EMR allows you to store patient information and notes in both acute and ambulatory care settings. In addition, you and your patients can access these records in real-time rather than waiting for results to be posted at a later date, allowing you to make effective, well-informed decisions quickly if necessary.

A comprehensive software system designed to manage your entire aesthetic medical office, features in patientNOW are very specific to plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medical practices. The founder of patientNOW spent two years in a plastic surgeon’s practice to design a software product specific to an aesthetic medical practice. For over eleven years, they have been advancing their software to meet the needs of aesthetic medicine.

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