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Why Use a Marketing Automation Platform

Since it is built on a basic premise, marketing automation often gets over simplified, leading some people to wonder, “Is marketing automation hype?” Marketing automation is a set of automated processes that allow organizations to communicate with people through a variety of channels as well as collect information about potential and existing customers. The part that often gets left out or glossed over is that the process involves collecting data, and this information can be used to personalize messages and improve sales.

Why Use a Marketing Automation Platform

There are a number of reasons why marketing automation can be beneficial for a business. With marketing automation, businesses have the ability to unify their messaging across platforms, build profiles for different types of customers and save time and money by no longer having to manually handle communications. Additionally, marketing automation can even be set up to help businesses handle customer interactions on social media related to customer service.

When a business wants to share a particular message, be it a sale, an article or a new product, they can use marketing automation to push the same message to a website, social media platforms and email. Organization now even have the ability to share messages through smart phones via text messaging or app push notifications.

Along with the dissemination of content, data analysis is another reason that many organizations take advantage of marketing automation. While communicating with people is important, it’s also essential to understand how these communications are received and if they are going to the right people. This is especially true since individuals frequently travel different sales paths. One person may make a purchase after following a business on social media while another may do so after finding a positive review of a product.

Data collected from a marketing analysis program can help businesses identify which types of content succeed and where as well as what is important to different groups of people. Once customer profiles are created, content can be designed based on the interests of different individuals, which can help increase sales since business are highlighting each person’s needs or desires for a product or service.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation can be done by piecing together a variety of systems and processes, so you may be asking yourself, “Why use marketing automation software?” Well, it’s the same reason that you probably use accounting software instead of Excel spreadsheets: it makes the process more straightforward and helps to ensure that data tracking is streamlined.

Marketing automation software can make it easier to determine how successful your content sharing system is, and it can also simplify the process of distributing different content based on different consumer profiles. Another benefit of this type of software is that it is scalable; as you expand your marketing campaigns, the software can grow with you. If you are wanted to expand into more advanced email marketing or inbound marketing strategies, lead nurturing and lead scoring best practices, there are a plethora of marketing automation tools that can assist.

Another benefit is that when a customer sends a message over social media, such as by posting on a Facebook profile or sending a Tweet that refers to a business, automated advertising systems can be set up to automatically respond. In addition to sending an automatic response to someone who does this, the types of interactions that are initiated can be tracked. This can help a company determine what types of contacts, be they customer complaints or reviews, they are getting.

This is very important since growing numbers of people view social media as a customer service portal, and failing to respond to these contacts can make a business look like they don’t care or provide poor customer service. Automated marketing software platforms can help organizations grow their customer base and maintain positive relationships.

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