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An Intro to Social Media Management Platforms

Social networking is an excellent and effective way to generate new leads for your business while also gaining new traffic. By using the right management tools to keep a presence on major platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, you’ll be able to compete with everyone else doing the same thing–these days, a presence on social networks is a must. After all, the benefits are hard to ignore: Each account grants businesses the chance to reach millions in a matter of minutes.

What kind of marketing automation tools can help you juggle all these accounts? It’s getting harder to manually manage online presence these days; relying on Twitter to automatically create a new update on LinkedIn isn’t enough anymore, especially since such an option isn’t available anymore and messaging/formatting often needs to be different on each platform (e.g. no hashtags on LinkedIn. For this purpose, you will require a platform specifically for social networking management.

How Social Media Management Platforms Help with Marketing Automation

Unlike putting some pasta on the stove for a predetermined amount of time to cook, marketing on social networking channels doesn’t really work in the same way. If anything, it’s more comparable to baking; there’s a lot less sitting around and a lot more engaging with the process. The same can be said for automating social updates.

The goal is to automate what you can while interacting with the community in other ways. By reducing each social channel down to one interface, you’ll not only save hours from automation each day, but you’ll save plenty of time manually updating each channel using just one program.

What would once take several hours can now take just 30 minutes of your day, allowing you to spend your time on more important aspects of your business without leaving your social presence obviously run by a bot. For example, the free time can be spend monitoring social trends to help your bottom line.

Top 8 Social Media Management Platforms

You might already realize that social networking could be more important than marketing. Now you need the suite to help make the task convenient. Here are some of the more popular social media management platforms available today:

Sprout Social

A powerful management and engagement platform, Sprout Social is designed to ensure users never miss a single message from any of their online channels. The tools are easy to use, allowing users to easily post and schedule messages to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. There are also monitoring and analytics tools.


Another popular choice for managing social media accounts, HootSuite allows businesses to execute campaigns across a variety of channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, using just one dashboard. It’s one of the best tools to use for managing various accounts and measuring the results of campaigns using mobile or web devices. Depending on your needs, there is a free, pro and enterprise option to allow advanced insights.


Another well-designed management platform, Lithium allows marketing teams to work together on campaigns using a single corporate account featuring multiple users. Each user can have their own individual capabilities and permissions. This complete suite gives companies the ability to schedule, create and track reports on marketing efforts.


Digimind is a company offering solutions for monitoring social network marketing campaigns using an intelligent software that allows businesses to adapt along the way. It also includes the ability to sort all mentions of your business across every single platform that Digimind is compatible with–and then the results can be sorted further by each item’s reach score.


Designed to reduce the monotony of various repetitive tasks, Sendible gives you the ability to conveniently post to Facebook personal photo albums or your Facebook page on the same platform. Similarly, the same platform can link to your LinkedIn status or to specific LinkedIn Groups. Allowing you to access your personal groups on other platforms definitely makes your day-to-day tasks easier to achieve.

HubSpot Social Inbox

Those who want to post more to online channels while also learning what others are saying about their company, HubSpot Social Inbox can be the way to go. It’ll also help deliver with a focus on true social ROI.


With Agorapulse, companies can create fresh content, schedule their posts to various social media platforms, and generate regular reports that detail the results of campaigns and what their audience demographics are.

Oracle Social Engagement

Anyone with some tech background knows Oracle. Now the large company offers social media monitoring and other packages with prices set for medium businesses seeking a bigger presence on the web. With a wealth of tools like professional forums, Oracle’s platform is definitely worth a look.

Whatever you choose as a social media management tool ultimately depends on what your business does and how much you want to interact with it. Whether you’re huge on the tech or simply want to benefit from the time-saving features such a suite would offer, these eight are worth your consideration.

SelectHubAn Intro to Social Media Management Platforms

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