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How Marketing Automation Supports Lead Generation

Fuel your business with high quality leads through the use of marketing automation software. If you do not quickly and efficiently broadcast your message, develop leads, and convert sales, your business will miss important profit-making opportunities. Modern, self-directed buyers use the Internet to find the goods and services they need, putting them in charge of the prices they pay and their terms of sale. The following advantages of marketing automation can help your business succeed.

Marketing Automation as a Lead Generation Software

When your business uses marketing automation, it can coordinate activities for lead generation, to get your message out to more people in less time. Your business needs such demand gen activities to ensure a steady stream of sales throughout the year. Through a user-friendly software interface, you can eliminate duplicate marketing efforts, and discover new ways to communicate with the people who need your goods and services.

Marketing automation software also makes lead processing easier. Through a scoring process, software determines what leads will most likely buy a product or service, so salespeople can focus their efforts to get the best results.


Software enables your company to create personalized messages and landing pages for prospects. Through the use of merge tags that can pull information directly from your marketing software, you can tailor marketing campaigns to the individual prospect to make them feel special and desired. Studies have shown that personalized emails can deliver six times the revenue of messages addressed to general audiences.

A/B Testing

After establishing a baseline for your marketing efforts, software can automate and coordinate the A/B testing process, so you can use tactics that deliver the best results. By presenting different versions of the same landing pages to prospects, businesses can learn what messages, layouts, and formats work best for each of your audiences. Armed with the A/B test results, your company can spend time of the tactics that deliver the most results.

Results Measurement

Traditional marketing efforts often fail for a lack of accurate measurements of results. Automation software helps businesses track results, so they can focus efforts on the marketing activities that create the best return on investment.

Ongoing Activities

The process of finding leads and developing them into sales never ends. When faced with the tediousness of the marketing process, some companies lose focus and become reliant on past successes. Marketing automation simplifies the sales cycle and improves results, providing important incentives to your team.


Software for customer relationship management will offer your company more opportunities than ever to provide service after the sale and find ways to sell again to existing customers. In many settings, customer retention costs less than customer acquisitions, so encouraging repeat business makes sense. Through tools provided by CRM software, your company can evaluate the customer experience to build long-lasting relationships that bring multiple sales.

Whether your business is generating B2B or B2C leads, the automation of the marketing process can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization, resulting in more sales and a bigger bottom line. Find the software package that best fits the needs of your business and get started with marketing automation right now.

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