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Getting to Know Marketing Automation Technology

Today’s dynamic business climate finds competitive enterprises as well as nonprofit organizations relying more extensively on marketing automation technology to attract and convert site visitors into leads and customers. These systems help convert online traffic into loyal customers as seamlessly as possible.

The essential software features of this process interest CMOs and CIOs, even though specific parameters and available tools vary significantly between different industry sectors and marketing automation vendors.

Gaining greater familiarity with the marketing automation technologies available offers insights that assist more efficient marketing operations. However, just as no single shoe size fits every customer, individual enterprises often face unique business & technology rules, objectives and limitations that require a specific set of software functionality.

Manage Your Marketing Automation Selection

Demand Generation

The process of generating customer demand for a particular product or service varies significantly depending upon the nature of the specific industry/products and associated platforms. For instance, an “Ivy League” university implementing new automated program systems faces a different set of requirements than a small vocational training program designed to assist disabled learners. Likewise, business leaders in agriculture, automotive technology, bioscience research and numerous other fields find that not all forms of demand incentives work with equal success.

Important differences in customer market demographics frequently impact preferred demand generation software tools and strategies. Business leaders frequently find the application of their expertise within a particular sector essential in helping their organization devise cost-effective strategies to inspire stronger demand. Choosing the right marketing automation software matters in this process.

Inbound Marketing

Deciding whether to use mainly inbound or outbound promotional strategies, or a cost-effective combination of both, preoccupies many sales leaders today. Our free reports assist you in evaluating this complex issue much better within the context of your own industry and market niche.

Before expending time and resources on automating marketing systems, many entities prefer to evaluate these issues with the help of our informative materials. Sophisticated automation techniques today serve clients in diverse milieus.

Sales Funnel

Frequently highly complex, most industries currently use sophisticated promotional systems that enable the deployment of effective sales funnels. These tools capture the interest of as many prospects as possible.

Both cost considerations and available technological infrastructures influence the selection of funnels enabling a company to meet its Internet marketing goals, however. Your company or organization might want to consider ramping up revenues by focusing more attention on the statistical site traffic data that enable the implementation of genuinely effective funnel systems.

Multi-channel Marketing

By directing their marketing efforts into more than one channel, enterprises tap a much wider potential audience. For example, a political campaign may wish to reach both part-time grassroots volunteers and seasoned financial donors. The types of sites frequented by each group might differ significantly based on scheduling, aptitudes, and other demographic issues. An Internet-savvy campaign should establish multiple Internet and brick-and-mortar promotional channels to mine the best prospects for each category of supporter.

An effective marketing automation technology strategy will work seamlessly and cohesively to permit the organization to reap the benefits obtained from both types of prospects. Obviously, a primarily commercial sales entity needs different channels, as would a philanthropic organization or an educational institution.

Manage Your Marketing Automation Selection

To find out the best way for your enterprise to begin implementing a more robust marketing automation strategy, assist your organizational promotional and marketing efforts by selecting the best software and deployment approaches from the outset.

Take advantage of our marketing automation buyer’s guide to get started. Many IT/Marketing department personnel begin by downloading a marketing automation requirements template. This useful template enables them to evaluate how the software related to existing company or organizational platforms by understanding the many feature specifications in advance.

You can request our convenient no-cost marketing automation comparison report. This simple step enables savvy business leaders to enjoy the benefits of customized analysis before committing to a significant marketing automation investment and implementation. Investing a little time now exploring these issues and then calling us for additional information or to resolve your questions often produces cost savings over the long term.


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