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The modern business is made up of many important parts. Yet they don’t all share the spotlight. For instance, sales teams are the rockstars of a company. They’re responsible for locking in leads and turning potential into profit. They represent the end of the customer journey and, therefore, the last chance to influence its course.

However, 70% of buyer decisions are made before customers get to the sales department. These teams may take all the credit, but they rely on marketing professionals to source, attract and prepare the leads. Without an engaging consumer experience, shoppers wouldn’t even make it to the checkout. So the quality of your marketing processes is crucial.

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The Rise of Marketing Automation

The problem with building marketing campaigns and maintaining online brands is that both require repetitive, systematic actions. Sending out emails, posting on social media and uploading blog content are all effective ways to drum up interest. They just need to be performed several times, for as many potential customers as possible.

In recent years, the popularity of enterprise marketing automation has soared, because it offers a way to systemize key processes. You can write blog posts and schedule them for automatic upload at optimum times. It becomes easy to send newsletters and emails to thousands of people and manage the responses.

With marketing automation, marketers can focus on the value and quality of their efforts, because the practical implementation is managed in a perpetual, unobtrusive manner. When you gain time, you also gain profit. Every second saved can be reinvested in sales, distribution, finance, inventory and recruitment processes.

Some Key Features of Enterprise Marketing Automation

Successful marketers know that marketing is about more than direct advertising. Targeted ads are only a small part of the customer journey, and they can be very hit or miss, particularly online. Consumers are more wary of digital advertising than ever before, because they have an increased of knowledge of its inner workings and the way it piggybacks on their routines.

So you’ve got to build up trust in other ways. It’s important that customers be given a chance to interact with your brand through different channels. You can use enterprise marketing automation to gauge interest, pick up on preferences, forge strong relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Email Marketing

Email is a valuable asset for marketing teams, but it must be used carefully. Contact should always be relevant, engaging and non-intrusive. Otherwise, you’ll alienate your followers. Automation software is a great way to stay in touch, without exposing customers to excessive email blasts. It helps you keep a detailed record of communications.

Social Media

Marketing automation is recommended for social media because it takes much of the manual, practical work out of posting. You can use it to build targeted advertisements, respond to customer inquiries and keep profiles active and fresh. You shouldn’t rely solely on automation when working with social communities, but it’s a handy way to stay available 24/7.

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Lead Generation

Automation software plays a major role in lead generation, as it helps businesses learn about their customers. Every point of contact is logged and turned into actionable data. So every time you interact with somebody, the system adds to their personalized profile. It means your sales team always knows what a customer wants, prefers, dislikes and hopes to achieve.

Resource Management

With so much information about individual consumers, it becomes easy to identify the most valuable leads. This is vital for resource management, as it gives your business the chance to invest heavily in the leads with the highest chance of buying. You’ll spend less money on leads that go nowhere because you’ll be able to identify them at an early stage.

Extended Maintenance

To get the most out of your marketing dollars, you need to be following up on transactions. The customer journey doesn’t have to end with the most recent purchase. In fact, it’s much easier to secure the second, third or fourth buy than it is the first. So use marketing automation to stay in touch and maximize a brand interest that’s already present.

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, marketing automation platforms are great for building up a picture of productivity. As every contact, transaction and communication gets logged, there’s no part of the marketing journey that you can’t review. The data is highly useful when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns and budgeting for future ones.

Finding the Right Enterprise Marketing Automation

Enterprise marketing automation is a lucrative industry. It isn’t difficult to find software, but you’ve got to pick carefully. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You could opt for a niche specific solution or, like most businesses, invest in a broad but customizable platform.

It’s all about being in touch with your goals. You need to understand where the business stands today, so you can pinpoint areas for improvement. If you know which parts of the marketing journey need tweaking, you can look for software that promises to streamline those processes. This is known as “road mapping,” and it’s the best way to ensure productivity in the long term.

Ultimately, the secret to success is finding a solution that fits your requirements. This should be the priority, as attempting to force existing routines into alien structures just wastes time and money. Call vendors directly and ask detailed questions about pricing, features and scalability. This will clue you into its suitability, giving you a feel for how the vendor interacts with its customers.

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