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10 Up and Coming Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is an important concept in today’s business world. These types of software tools help companies to market more effectively, and make marketing tasks less labor-intensive. They add business intelligence to one of the most important areas of business — advertising and customer outreach.

Here are ten unique marketing automation tools that are getting more notoriety in the enterprise technology segment, which was formerly dominated by a few top players.


The Net-Results platform provides attractive marketing dashboards and transparent, accurate reports for marketers. Get help with automated marketing list management and marketing event planning, with functionality to automate some workflows, enabling human marketing teams to do their work more efficiently.

Net-Results also has lead scoring and lead qualification tools, and additional big data features to enhance what a company can do to reach out to a customer base. On the email side, there is a drag-and-drop email builder that helps to customize and expedite email marketing.


DbSignals is another marketing automation platform that’s getting more attention on today’s market. This cloud-based set of marketing automation tools serves many small and medium-sized businesses, with handy tools for inbound and outbound marketing. On this platform, there’s a drag-and-drop design studio for elements of a marketing campaign, along with an integrated database that holds customer identifiers. There is an extensive ‘system of record’ that develops business intelligence stored in easy-to-reach places, and there are machine learning tools that can help assist in making decisions about customer outreach based on prior efforts.

DbSignals is an effective tool for streamlining marketing efforts, automated marketing tasks, and benchmarking customer responses to really revolutionize what’s done in the context of company marketing campaigns.


The GreenRope marketing automation platform is tied to other offerings like GreenRope CRM, and provides an extensive platform of features from which to craft marketing processes. The company cites extensive design and tools supporting sales funnels, project management, social media efforts, email marketing, predictive analytics and much more. GreenRope offers a sales suite, marketing suite and operations suite to get businesses closer to their marketing and advertising goals. One of the attractions of using GreenRope is the company’s reseller network helping businesses to find new leads.

GreenRope is designed to help companies find roadblocks, and overcome them with strategic marketing that works to provide consistent results.


This is another brand name that’s becoming well known in the world of marketing automation.

Hatchbuck’s marketing automation software has a number of online features that greet site visitors and help funnel their information into business intelligence tools. This platform is designed to help companies stay relevant, and to craft emails and other marketing outreach pieces in a way that grabs the attention of the intended audience. Other features include identifying priority hot leads, and using different types of customer scoring to where to go with initiatives. Described as a simple yet elegant marketing automation solution, Hatchbuck is intended to promote the enthusiasm and robust customer activity that companies want around their brands.


Inbox25 helps with lead generation, email marketing and social media, as well as other types of marketing such as drip campaigns that look at multi-touch processes to impress potential customers. One of the interesting parts of this platform is the visual flow of that Inbox25 provides — integrating lead scoring and lead intelligence into a full-featured platform that’s easy to use and offers a short learning curve for new users.


This interestingly titled marketing automation suite works on the philosophy of “attract — convert — close — retain,” with and entire set of functionality for the customer lifecycle. Marketing features help in-house people to build campaigns that attract the right audiences — they help quantify customer touch points for conversion, and they help analyze deals to make them happen. They also help with customer retention using all sorts of neat communication tools — all of it done through an attractive and intuitive interface.


MakesBridge provides a marketing automation tool that values connectivity and communications.

A lot of what’s in the MakesBridge platform is based on building the right marketing pieces with editor design dashboards, and integrating different kinds of functionality as a part of an entire marketing architecture. Various features offer custom emailing tools, autoresponder functionality, insights for KPIs, integration with CRM, and contact syncing — part of the appeal is a single platform from which to pursue big data analytics and sales sophistication.


Ontraport is actually quite a big name in the marketing automation world. With Ontraport Integrations, marketers can publish great websites, build high-converting marketing campaigns, and analyze memberships and other aspects of customer engagement. Ontraport provides for Facebook integration, split testing, email marketing precision, and other types of extras like postcard marketing, as well as various tracking tools.

Right On Interactive

Right On Interactive offers packages for ‘outreach’, ‘engagement’ and ‘life cycle’, with various e-mail marketing, web analytics, and customer scoring tools. Integrate social media and other campaigns into this comprehensive platform for effective marketing power.


Many types of businesses enjoy Sharpspring’s marketing automation tools for their lifecycle processes — with powerful customer tracking and outreach features, Sharpspring is built to be integrated with CRM tools like Salesforce, and gives business users all of that visual dashboard functionality they love when it’s time to build better marketing initiatives. Take a look at email blast editing and forms tools, along with help for blogs and landing pages, and benchmarking items like call tracking and analytics dashboards.


SimplyCast 360 integrates 15 channels of communication into a single intuitive automation platform. With CRM integration and specific tools for channels like email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter, SimplyCast offers a lot of that special sauce that marketers want in their toolboxes.

Treehouse Interactive

As a relatively new product, Treehouse Interactive’s Marketing View drives marketing automation with database tools, form and landing pages resources, analytics features and more. Look at conversion, abandonment, and other benchmarks with this platform, and evaluate various marketing channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other features like video conferencing integration help make Treehouse Interactive’s marketing automation technology a hot product right now.


This complete digital marketing resource is priced for the small and midsized company, but has a lot of lead qualification and sales assistant technology inside. With email tracking, demographic research functionality and more, Venntive helps with content marketing, email, surveys, campaigns, event management and web analytics, as well as mobile-facing initiatives.

If you’re in the market for marketing automation tools, check out the recommended tools above and our marketing automation comparison guide.

Michael Shearer10 Up and Coming Marketing Automation Tools

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