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Marketing automation allows businesses with limited resources to manage multi-channel campaigns effectively. Here are a few of the main benefits:
  • Greater personalization: Automation significantly increases your ability to personalize campaigns by providing tools that segment your users and send them timed, targeted content. Personalization increases engagement, loyalty and conversions.
  • Saves time: Marketers can manage multiple social media channels and design a complete user journey based on specific triggers, all from one place. This is just one example of how marketing automation platforms save time. In Vbout’s dashboard, you can also manage users and lead capture assets, like landing pages or opt-in forms. With all your tools in one place, you don’t have to spend time trying to integrate them.
  • Minimize labor costs: One employee can manage complex campaigns across multiple channels more efficiently. It would usually take more time and employees to manually complete the same marketing tasks.
  • Optimize performance by measuring results: Vbout’s platform generates analytics on your engagement and conversions. This indicates what to change to increase effectiveness.
  • Better lead nurturing: Vbout’s platform can segment your leads from the moment you collect an email address through the entire customer journey. Additional data is collected as a lead moves through the funnel, which allows you to fine tune the messaging for greater personalization. Nurturing leads becomes simple, accurate, personalized and timed perfectly. All of these have the potential to increase conversion rates dramatically.
  • Effective customer profiling: Vbout’s platform allows you to create a detailed profile for each of your leads. The profiles show all of the leads’ activity such as email engagement, website links clicked, goals reached, automations triggered and more. This allows you to see their interaction and empowers your sales team with vital information on each prospect's stage in the customer journey. It also helps you automate follow-ups according to a prospect's interests and needs.
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