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Why use Intempt?

Key differentiators & advantages of Intempt

Win every purchase cycle on Web & Mobile

Intempt employs machine learning to chomp through large swaths of data, analyzes your visitors’ unique fingerprint, and builds a profile that predicts their future behavior, meaning you can act on consumer intent during her consideration phase; even when she hasn’t told you a thing.

Visitors journeys without the hassle

Intempt shows visitor journeys to marketing growth and engagement teams. That means we help consumer brands CONVERT their visitors. We do this by collecting visitor behavior data into one visitor journey system. This provides the marketer the key insight required to run personalization campaigns.

Predictive campaigns without a hassle

Intempt personalizes and automates campaigns for modern marketing growth and engagement teams. We make it easy to automate behavioral messages across your site and apps that adapt to visitor journeys. We do this with powerful campaign tools that optimize performance continuously using predictive modeling. This provides serious ROI by converting a browsing visitor to a purchasing customer.
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