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Key differentiators & advantages of iContact Pro

  • Do More
    Nowadays, a marketer’s life is full of long hours, distractions, and beeping devices. You deserve better — it’s time for you to work smarter, not harder. iContact Pro was made easy-to-use to help companies engineer more calculated ways to send personalized communications to customers. With no hair pulling out needed.

  • Liberate Your Ideas
    With most big enterprise solutions, getting started with marketing automation is a lot like planning a rocket launch with your IT department. But iContact Pro was built to work fast for any size team, so when you say “yes” to smarter email you say “no” to complicated implementation. Simply login, pick an activity, and take off!;

  • Target Your Message
    Email marketing is at the heart of any results-driven strategy. Advances in tracking technologies have allowed our newest platform to evolve into a virtual segmenting machine, helping you create individual CRM profiles you can use to provide subscribers with the most relatable experiences for them — no matter how they engage with you.

  • Nurture Your Relationships
    Bringing in more leads doesn’t always mean more revenue; prospects demand a higher quality sales experience from you. Setting up workflows in iContact Pro help you nurture relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle in a way that feels super personal, but is in fact highly automated. Reach out to the right people at the right time.

  • Engage Your Network
    Get more bang for your buck from existing content pieces. Turn social fans into subscribers by including links to your own landing pages and invite people to download valuable content in exchange for their email address. Flexible, built-in tools allow you to schedule a calendar of social activity in advance or join in on trending conversations as they happen.

  • Capture More Leads
    Imagine having the same powerful email capabilities as the Fortune 100 without the complexity. Interactive tools make crossing marketing tasks off your list more enjoyable, from designing professional landing pages and email templates, to setting up intuitive workflow triggers based on customer actions. Everything you need is now easier to do.

  • Make Data Actionable
    Great results come from consistently testing and drilling down into your performance data to make campaign tweaks on-the-fly. Engagement reports let you count up and compare the success of your social posts, landing pages and emails. Ask us how you can integrate data from other tools with your dashboard for convenient one screen viewing.

  • Keep Moving Forward
    Smarter email marketing is about empowerment, not waiting around. Our team of experts is not doing its job if questions block your way to making things happen on your terms. Count on our people and software to flatten learning curves along the way so you can just get up and go.
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