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Industrial Machinery
2 - 9
Job costing and tracking the hours for each station really helps me keep track of what the employees are doing daily.
Setting it up all the stations and employees was time consuming but necessary.
Love the program and all the features.
Aerospace & Defense
20 - 49
First ERP experience
The software seems very comprehensive and is always improving. RealTrac queries customers and listens to suggestions and incorporates them as demand warrants. It is a statement to their dedication to customer satisfaction. The parts of the software I have used is very well done.
It seems they "manually" configure the window instead of letting Windows do it. As a result, the minimize/maximize/close buttons have duplicates in the middle of the window and when I maximize the window, I loose a little, because it doesn't recognize the I have my task bar on the right. Also, the report generator could be a little more user friendly. I am pretty computer literate/power user and I have not really been able to figure it out, or get deep enough to find out that its' easy, which is a testament to the difficulty .
Transportation & Logistics
20 - 49
Great features, but needs additional development
Great value for an entry-level package...
The reporting is very poor. The Realtrac team struggles to respond to customization/improvement requests.
We would not be able to run our complex business without an ERP software package like Realtrac