Benefits and Insights

Why use NetIQ Cloud Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of NetIQ Cloud Manager

  • Deliver business services faster: NetIQ Cloud Manager fully automates complex provisioning workflows—from requests and approvals to creating and deploying new business services. You can even configure delegations so your workflows are never held up by absences or vacations.

  • Offer a secure self-service request portal: NetIQ Cloud Manager allows IT administrators to secure and streamline the workflow by setting permissions for both groups and individual users.

  • Access anywhere, anytime: The NetIQ Cloud Manager mobile app is a powerful mobile client for Cloud Manager. It lets you manage your entire cloud environment—including business services, workloads and resources—from a single intuitive mobile interface. Once the user logs in, a customized dashboard specific to their user role is displayed, and virtually every task and action from the web browser client is available.

  • Keep compliant boundaries with complete multi-tenancy: The multi-tenant architecture of Cloud Manager lets you use a single cloud environment to support multiple customers, organizations, and business units—with full and easy-to-manage segregation that ensures security, privacy, and compliance.

  • See what's really going on: The capacity dashboard in Cloud Manager gives you an at-a-glance view of resource utilization and over-allocation, so you can know precisely when and where to add resources.

  • Build on the virtual infrastructure you have today: Designed for today's mixed IT environments, NetIQ Cloud Manager runs across all major hypervisors, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen. And with its massively scalable computing engine, Cloud Manager can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads.

  • Control virtual sprawl, improve cost transparency: Virtualization makes it easier, faster and cheaper to provision new servers. The unfortunate result? Virtual server sprawl. NetIQ Cloud Manager reduces waste by reintroducing transparency to the provisioning process.- Scale to over 100,000 workloads: With its massive scalability, Cloud Manager is the perfect solution for data centers of any size. Whether your business is just ramping up or well-established, you can rest assured your solution will grow with you.

  • Create a secure and compliant environment: Cloud Manager respects and enforces your organization's internal approval process, as well as best practices like ITIL. Security profiles can be configured at the user, group, workload, and business service levels, ensuring consistent application of security policies and rights management.

  • Supports flexible service-level management: Administrators can create multiple tiers of service levels, price them appropriately and publish them in the catalog. Users then choose the service level that best suits their needs and budget.

  • Template-based provisioning: Reduce manual effort by automatically creating and deploying workloads. IT administrators can produce a catalog of predefined workload templates, and business teams "shop" the user-friendly catalog. Cloud Manager even determines the optimal location in which to deploy new workloads.

  • Role-based provisioning and access control: IT administrators can create and upload predefined workload templates for all business services. The self-service portal displays available workload templates based on user and group profiles, so when business users "shop" for resources, they see only what's accessible to them. This minimizes manual effort and ensures services requests always align with IT policy.

  • Cloud Manager integrates with NetIQ Sentinel™ (for event correlation) and Operations Center (for visibility into business efficiency). Or you can use the REST API and call-out mechanism to build deep integration with your own existing systems.
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