Benefits and Insights

Why use Abiquo Hybrid Cloud Management solution?

Key differentiators & advantages of Abiquo Hybrid Cloud Management solution

  • Abiquo provides your business with a unified, flexible, self-service hybrid cloud platform that manages, controls and automates the delivery of resources and services, managed and metered consistently no matter what underlying infrastructure you choose.

  • Abiquo’s powerful, role based access control scope integrates with your existing Active Directory or other LDAP compliant services and is developed around the Spring Security Framework.

  • The Abiquo API provides full control of all Abiquo functions. This means you can perform every function, from user and security control, to provisioning new VMs, to gathering information on any system element through the API – all controlled by the same privilege, roles and scopes security model. An example would be to integrate your order management system to automatically create Enterprises, Users and a Virtual Datacenter for a new customer, or to update capacity limits when a customer increases their order size.

  • Build a unified catalogue of service templates and images and convert between them on the fly. Allow your customers to easily consume your service in a controlled, simple way. Drag-and-drop creation of new VMs reduces the need for training and gets your sales team and your customers started in minutes!

  • Abiquo’s Business process management encompasses both workflow and policy rules controls across cloud tenants, user or your own groups within your business. Controls such as allocation limits, dedicated resources, infrastructure overbooking, configuration management and service scopes can be defined, enabling your business to define and create a tiered approach to service delivery.

  • Abiquo provides powerful usage metering on what users are doing across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Examples of usage data include tracking usage of; vCPU, vRAM, storage, networking, template/images used and more, all tracked by the hour.

  • Abiquo’s award winning portal provides your business with a ‘shop window’ for your customers to access, control and consume your own cloud resources, and to leverage public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS.
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