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Why use Thinkingcap?

Key differentiators & advantages of Thinkingcap

• Unparalleled branding and segmentation
Most LMS vendors thinking branding is simply about letting you pick your own colors and fonts. At Thinking Cap, we believe that branding means giving you the power to define a learning experience (LX) with the same level of control you would have when designing your website. Thinking Cap gives you the power to make your LMS look and feel exactly the way you want it to.

• Perfect for Blended Learning
Thinking Cap supports many distinct learning activities. We also have a system of equivalencies to track when different activities can substitute for one another in your curriculum. If you use only one type of activity, you won’t be overwhelmed by seeing activities you don’t need. If you need to grow beyond one activity, we can easily give you what you need when you need it

• Rich Reporting
Create any of 12 different types of reports, including course reports, user reports, and system status reports. Customize each report with built-in filters and your own metadata.

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