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Why use LawBase?

Key differentiators & advantages of LawBase

Allows you to automatically group files and matters in any manner you desire. You can create smart folders to track cases by attorney, by subject or by any other information in your system. This means that files can be quickly located, without ever touching the keyboard.

Case Notes
A quick and easy way to track the activity on a file by allowing for an unlimited amount of free form text to be entered

Like the matter files, contacts are kept in a completely configurable electronic address book. Contacts can easily be linked to matters – so contacts only need to be entered once and are then accessible from any file in which they are involved.

You can easily track all appointments and tasks in your email calendar application and can also view your information in the matter file or the calendar view for an individual or a group of users.

Document Assembly
Because of our partnership with HotDocs®, you can intelligently produce personalized documents with a few keystrokes and can automatically create notes and tasks each time a document is produced.

With LawBase, you can perform quick and easy conflict checks. In fact, multiple types of conflict checks can be set up to meet all of your needs.

You can automatically perform multiple steps in a single process with LawBase. Changing a single field could automatically generate an email, produce a document, change other fields in the file, create a note or add tasks to your calendar

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