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Don’t Lose Your Remaining 2018 Lead Generation Budget

The two most popular programs our Vendor Partners leverage to use end of year budgets are the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Highly Qualified Lead (HQL) programs. Both programs are targeted to your client profiles and can deliver leads within a few days after enrolling.

  1. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Success of market awareness or nurturing campaigns depends and a good strategy and the quality of leads inserted into the campaign. If you have active campaigns and leftover budget, our Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) can top them off with quality leads.

  • “Upper funnel” leads for creating market awareness and mindshare (nurture opportunities)
  • Demonstrable intent – prospects come in via SelectHub’s campaigns looking for (non-vendor affiliated) content specifically created to attract buyers evaluating software solutions.
  • Filters include – software category, geography, company size and industry.
  • Ability to filter by content requested such as Pricing to indicate stage of evaluation process.
  • Cost per lead average from $30 – $46 per lead depending on filters applied.
  • No up-front fees and on the fly volume adjustment to match end of year budget gaps.

Request more information on our MQL program.

  1. Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs)

Our Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs) are 100% phone qualified to meet BANT criteria. These leads are expecting your sales team to contact them. We generally start delivering HQLs immediately after reviewing your target customer profile. A quick and productive way to use leftover budget with no up-front fees. Purely pay per lead and cost per lead ranges from $50 – $390 depending on prospect’s company size and special filters.

Here are notes from a recent HQL:

  • Company Overview: The company is in the pharmaceutical industry and handles the research, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  • Company Size: 500 employees
  • Current Methods: They have several internal systems and use Tableau and Spotfire.
  • Pain Points/Reason for Change: They do not have a centralized system to run standard ad hoc reports. Another big issue they are coming across is it is hard to pull data from the multiple different data warehouses they work with.
  • Key Features: The new tool needs to handle custom dashboards and reports, predictive analytics and data mining. The buyer stated that the most important feature of all is ETL. The new system needs to pull data from multiple different data sources ranging from SQL to AWS and more. The system will be deployed in the states and they may need international access but this has yet to be confirmed. The buyer also stated that they they need to have the ability to not mix data when it comes to countries or specific accounts so they can stay in compliance.
  • Users: 20-60 admins
  • Deployment: Open to both cloud and on-premise solutions.
  • Budget: Leeanna is open to a six figure spend.
  • Vendors Evaluated: Spotfire and Tableau.
  • Timeframe: 1 year.
  • Best Time to Follow-up: Leeanna can be hit or miss depending on the day but seems as right before lunch works best.
  • Authority: Contact will do most the legwork on reviewing the systems and then will present to a group of managers to then approve the spend.

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For additional information please call 877.692.2896.

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