Benefits and Insights

Why use Stitch Labs?

Key differentiators & advantages of Stitch Labs

  • Centralized Tracking
    Centralize your system in one location with Stitch. Sync with your shopping cart, marketplaces, and POS all in one. We integrate with various sales channels, accounting solutions and payment options in seconds, allowing you to work from one platform when it comes to management.

  • Multi-Warehousing
    Operating stock among multiple warehouses can be a pain when it comes to traceability. Centralize your tracking system with Stitch’s multi-warehousing feature.

  • Product Bundling
    Are you selling products that consist of multiple SKUs? In Stitch, you can set up kits or bundles as one overall product. When the bundle is ordered, stock is decremented for each SKU that makes up the bundle.

  • Autobuild Channel Products
    If you’re new to Stitch, we make it easy to quickly populate your product quantities in our app. After downloading your channel listings into Stitch, we will create stock products based on those listings and automatically link the two.
Stitch Inventory
Cost of Ownership

Typical pricing/cost structure for Stitch Inventory:

License/Subscription Cost Annual subscription cost based on the size of the company and number of orders processed per month
Maintenance Cost Included in the subscription cost
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • Ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the subscription plan (Starter, Business or Enterprise)
  • Includes basic implementation service, product training (dependent on the plan) plus additional optional services
  • Customization Cost None, as users can select from standard subscription packages only
    Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Dependent on current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools
    Training Cost No separate training cost, it is included in implementation cost
    Recurring/Renewal Costs Depends on the subscription package purchased
    Pricing Details
    Category Description Price/Details
    • Master of Stock Channel Syncing
    • Historical Order Import
    • Purchase Orders
    • Publishing Listings
    • Support: (Email, Live Chat, Phone)
    • Dashboard Reports
    • Amazon FBA Management & Automation
    • Sales Velocity Reporting
    • Bundling
    • User Permissions
    • Price Management
    • Multi-Warehousing
    • Barcode Printing & Scanning
    • Drop Shipping
    • $499 per month billed annually
    • $150/1,000 additional orders above 3000/month
    • $1,000 Implementation Service (Upfront cost)
    • Unlimited Integrated Channels
    • 3,000/month orders
    • (Up to 5,000/month orders)
    • Unlimited Users
    • All Starter Features
    • Third Party Logistics Integrations
    • Smart Replenishment
    • EDI Integration
    • $999 per month billed annually
    • $150/1,000 additional orders
    • $2,500 Implementation Service (Upfront Cost)
    • 5,000+/month orders (Up to 10,000/month orders)
    Enterprise All Business Features
    • Prices are available on request
    • $150/1,000 additional orders
    • $5,000 Implementation Service (Upfront Cost)
    • 10,000+/month orders
    Deployment Options What options are available for product deployment? Cloud-based/SaaS
    Pricing Model What is the pricing model? Subscription-based
    Minimum Commitment Is there a minimum monthly or yearly commitment required for purchase? Only annual contracts are signed that are billed on monthly basis
    Custom Quote Is there an option of requesting custom quote? Yes
    Free Trial Does the vendor provide a free trial option? Yes
    Product Limitations

    Some of the product limitations include:

    • Limited product search and sort functionality
    • Does not support RFID tagging
    • Users cannot generate bulk POs
    • Does not support on-premise installation as it a cloud based solution
    • Less scope for customization, users can choose from three standard subscription plans (starter, business, enterprise) only


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