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HR Technology Market Landscape

We’ve released our first edition of our HR Technology Landscape, organizing more than 120 HR tech companies into 5 core HR software categories.  To get an idea of what HR buyers are looking for these days, check out our study on today’s HR software buying trends.

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HR Software Technology Market Landscape
The graphic highlights many HR vendors included in our HR software research where we score the top products in each of the major categories: Human Resource Management, Workforce Management, Recruiting & Staffing, Talent Management and Learning Management.

If you’re in the market for HR software, we also encourage you to check out our requirements gathering templates to improve their HR software selection process.

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SelectHubHR Technology Market Landscape

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  • Michael Shearer - November 16, 2016 reply

    Thanks, Kris – we will note this feedback and improve on the next iteration.

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