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Software / IT
50 - 99
Good at capturing employee benefits and time off information
I'm not sure my company uses the software and the full suite of integrations possible with Zenefits but I have enjoyed using the platform to track and manage employee time off as well as look up benefit information. They also have a unique link that I can share with potential employees to give them insight into how much benefits through my company may cost. Has been helpful software at my current and previous companies.
I think the navigation throughout the software can be pretty cumbersome. It's not always an intuitive flow to get where I want to navigate to on the website.
Software / IT
20 - 49
Software Advice
Easy to Use for Profiles and Benefits
I love the look and feel of this product, as well as how easy it is to view the hierarchy of my company and click to find employee details. It makes finding an extension number of coworkers or who to talk to if they're out of the office super easy. Requesting time off or working from home is easy and I love that I can track it back to the beginning of my tenure here.
The reporting is off for PTO. The roll-up number on the main page includes Work From Home days, which skews the number, and the history view is very hard to follow, has no filters, and doesn't differentiate between what years PTO is for/used, so it can throw off counts.
Accounting / CPA
1000 - 2499
The New Way to HR
Love how Zenefits is cloud-based, eliminating the need to download software directly to the computer. Also a big fan of the simplification of onboarding--new hires can complete and sign documents online, and it is processed automatically. Reduces the headcount of HR and simplifies everything for a lean team to take over with ease.
As with many elements of the benefits process, changes are plentiful due to changing regulations and laws. The software responds to these changes, which is good, but sometimes the need to learn something new is difficult.
Running a small business, we don't quite have the resources for a fully-dedicated HR staff. Our HR team of 2 uses Zenefits for everything HR-related, from onboarding, to benefits, to exit. From a cost-benefit perspective, the benefits far outweigh the costs and I'm glad we started using this software.