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  • Identify who is adding to and who is detracting from your culture, with reviews that measure employees against your unique core values and their individual goals.
  • Monitor your culture, timely and actionable self, peer and 360 feedback is captured in an easy to use software to help teams communicate better throughout the year, not just at review time.
  • Analyze your organization with real time analytics so you can reward those who are contributing and coach those who are hurting your overall culture.
  • Protect your culture, by ensuring your team is educated and accountable with training included in your subscription. 

Threads Culture Reviews

The following reviews for Threads Culture are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms such as Capterra, Software Advice, Gartner Peerinsights, PC Mag and G2 Crowd.

G2 Crowd
"More than a traditional review software"
Availability to everyone in the company. This software levels the playing field between executives to mid-management to the guys on the dock. By using the Feedback option, every employee has the opportunity to give feedback to any other employee, including management. We were concerned we might see a lot of negative comments, but to date our employees are taking the program seriously.
Must have an email to use. Because many of our employees are in production and do not have company emails, we used an inexpensive web domain service and created emails specifically for this purpose.
I recommend you do your due diligence and compare Threads Culture to other options available to you. not only is the software a great tool, but the team at Threads is very easy to work with.
G2 Crowd
"Simple, effective, and affordable performance management tool"
The feedback feature is such a great way to provide timely feedback and track employee performance throughout the year. It is super easy to use, which is very important in order to gain acceptance of employees and managers during the implementation phase! Also, the ability to rate employees on our organization's core values is a great way to take it beyond just evaluating based on job requirements.
Would like to see better goal tracking capabilities within the review template. Have already made a request and understand this will be a part of future updates.
Better performance management- Our managers are now able to keep better track of their team members' performance throughout the year, which should make a huge difference come annual review time later this year. It is virtually impossible to remember what someone did 11 months ago, so the real-time feedback collected during the entire review cycle is amazing! Improved morale- Employees can easily provide feedback for one another at any time, which is a great morale booster!
G2 Crowd
"Extremely Helpful Software"
I like that Threads keeps track of employee progress throughout the year (feedback) so I don't have to remember it all at review time. Also, each annual review is kept so I can go back and see if employees are improving or staying the same. The feedback feature is extremely helpful in keeping track of employee progress throughout the year.
Even though the people at Threads are very helpful and try and make the on-boarding process as smooth as possible, it's still very time consuming. There's really not much anyone can do about that. It took me awhile to complete the job descriptions, Core Values and Results for each description, but once that was finished it made the whole review process go much smoother. The time investment is worth it in the end.
It's worth the time it takes to set it up.
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