Benefits and Insights

Why use Precedent HR Applicant Tracking and Onboarding System?

Key differentiators & advantages of Precedent HR Applicant Tracking and Onboarding System

Job Management - 
  • Post jobs to the web’s most popular job boards and social networks.
  • Edit and manage job postings at any time through our easy to use software.
  • Fully mobile application allows you to post jobs anytime anywhere.
  • Manage, and maintain job openings, requests, and position acquisitions.

Applicant Tracking and Management - 
  • All of your applicant information in one centralized location including resumes, ratings, application date and more.
  • View applicant profile equipped with all the applicants contact information, certificates, resumes, degrees and ratings included.
  • Manage offer letters of applicants, as well as monitor number of open positions available.
  • Manage & sort all applications, upload resumes, filter through resumes using resume parsing, keep track of application progression.
  • Store applications for later job postings and future positions.
  • Searchable resume database

Calendar & Interview Scheduling - 
  • Schedule interviews and send notifications to the interviewer along with the applicant.
  • Integrate our ATS with your Microsoft, Google, or Apple calendars so you can schedule interviews with ease.
  • Receive alerts prior to interviews as not to miss appointments.

Candidate Match & Comparison -
  • Percentage based algorithm that matches applicants to the position based on skills they have and preferred skills you want.
  • Matches candidates on skills, education, and experience to find the perfect candidates for each position.
  • View match percentages for all applicants of a posted job, allowing you to select the top candidates for the position
  • Post-interview comparison reports allow you to see the results, ratings and notes of multiple applicant interviews from one screen.

Video Interviewing - 
  • Schedule video interviews with ease, send notifications with appointment details to applicant.
  • Saves time for both interviewer and candidate.
  • Allows rating and note taking while on video call with candidates.
  • Unlimited video calls.

Interview Rating & Weightage System - 
  • Rate applicants on desired skill set, education level and experience.
  • Rate and score applicants directly in the software. Ratings are stored and can be accessed by additional users for future review
  • Set weightages on the most important aspects of the position, so the applicants who best meet the criteria stand out above the rest.

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