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Why use Peoplecart?

Key differentiators & advantages of Peoplecart

Peoplecart helps you build a culture in the workplace that your people can not only relate to but become critical components of. Whether you want your employees to be faster, more imaginative, more creative, or more goal-driven, Peoplecart helps you achieve such a culture whether you’re handling a small workforce or a diverse base of workers that number to hundreds and thousands from various backgrounds. 

Powerful engagement tools and functionalities, including In-built social features, flexible technology, and gamifiable rules, allows you to set standards and goals and then communicate these to your employees. The software helps your workers adopt your goals and assimilate them into their roles, functions, and tasks, making them more aligned with your aim and thus resulting in productive, efficient, and reliable collectives and individuals. 

Recognizing and rewarding your top players is an effective means of keeping them motivated and engaged. With Peoplecart, you can bring all your workforce onto a common recognition wall that bears the names of achievements of your best performing individuals and teams using company’s standard nomenclature. You can reward your best employees with reward credits that can be redeemed across a localized catalog of experiential rewards. With the promise of reward and recognition, you are driving your employees to deliver excellent outputs day in and day out.

Measure Engagement, Real-time - Construct & design Engagement surveys, Periodic touch points, real-time analytics for real insights

Drive Engagement - Rely on insights, improve engagement through customizable tools such as People Buzz, mentor connect, idea zone, KPI gamification and transition clubs

Align Performance & drive innovation - Drive real-time objectives and key results through interactive goals management. Drive collaborative innovation.

Peer Appreciation / Social Recognition - Recognize your peers for demonstrating right behaviours and values

Approval driven Nominations & Customer Nominations - Appreciate individuals & teams, and improve customer centricity to drive outcomes

Social, mobile and gamified - Anytime, anywhere, with gamified mobile technology platform

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