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Why use Natural HR?

Key differentiators & advantages of Natural HR

  • HR Software for HR Professionals - Whether you work as a standalone HR professional or as part of an HR team, you'll be able to consolidate your employee data from different spreadsheets, filing cabinets and third party systems into our HR software so that you have one central view of your HR data. 

  • Predictable and Affordable Pricing - You simply pay one monthly fee based on the number of staff you employ. You don’t need to buy hardware, software or employ consultants. In fact, all you need is a browser, an internet connection – and you’re good to go.

  • Save Time - Tired of searching for that elusive missing file that wasn’t returned or has been put back in the wrong place? Natural HR makes finding information a whole new experience. It also makes it simple to cross reference people in seconds. Select by department, age, length of service - or in any way you choose.

  • Less Clutter - The paperless office isn’t with us just yet, but Natural HR is a big step towards it for many companies. Our cloud based HR software helps eliminate overflowing filing cabinets and offices stacked with boxes. All the records that you need are securely stored online and can be accessed by you from anywhere.
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