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Why use Hyrell?

Key differentiators & advantages of Hyrell

At Hyrell we focus on:
  • Cloud Recruiting:  Your account is available to you at anytime and anywhere you have Internet access and it is completely safe and secure.
  • Streamlined Applicant Communication:  Automate key communication steps to make sure your applicants are always in the loop. 
  • Improve Hiring Team Collaboration and Productivity: Your entire hiring team can easily collaborate on each position or applicant – saving valuable time, energy, and magic markers.
  • An Easy-to-Use Applicant Tracking System:   Use a simple, intuitive applicant tracking software to help you find, attract, and hire the best employees with total efficiency. Automate your most paper-intensive processes, centralize applicants, and gain improved insight into all facets of your recruiting process.
  • Highlighting Your Most Qualified Applicants: Automatically score and rank applicants based on your questions, standards, and other search criteria.
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