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Helping You Achieve Greater Success Through Your People...Single HR Platform To Manage all HR Functions from Hire to Retire of an Employee

Cloud Based | Saas Online | HRMS Solution | HRMangtaa

HR Mangtaa is a Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR & Payroll Software that provides a complete solution for all your HR needs. HR Mangtaa saves you time through automation and digitization across all your HR Functions. HR Mangtaa is a Complete Cloud based (SAAS based) HR Management Software for small, mid-sized and large companies – driving improved efficiency and accurate decision making across all your key HR functions.

When your human resources solution delivers everything at one place, you can achieve more, can do it faster and less expensively. That’s exactly what you’ll get with HRMangtaa. A single system contains all employee records, giving easy access to the information you need to reduce errors, enforce policies consistently and build your business. There are many modules like Employee Payroll, Recruitment Management, Applicant Tracking System, Web based On boarding System, Performance Appraisals, Web based on boarding System, Goal Setting & Management, Apt Performance Evaluation, Prompt Reporting, Reports and Analytics, A 360 Degree Feedback Mechanism, Employee Hierarchy/ Organization Chart, Effective Succession Planning, Virtual Trainer, Employee Database, Employee Self Service, Employment Records, Employee Skill and Competency Records, Employee Financial Information, Employee Exit Management, Human Resource Information System, Define competitive employee compensation plans.

HRMangtaa is a Saas based HRMS application that helps the HR department of an organization to automate and streamline its routine activities. It enables the creation of comprehensive employee records to aggregate, manage and report on all employee related information during the complete lifescycle of service of the employee with the organization. We offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and Payroll departments to simplify their daily processes. HRMangtaa Solution have borad sets of features that comfortably allows for large,medium and small sized businesses to manage their workforce efficiently and engagingly.

Save Efforts, Save Time with HR Mangtaa

HRMangtaa a leading HRMS Complete Package providing a single platform solution(Saas) to manage all your workforce and employee management needs. HRMangtaa has been successfully implemented with our clients. Clients using our software have seen seamless management of their HR, reduced errors in time tracking, and above all major time savings in HR Administration paperwork, all leading to major cost savings for the organizations which have implemented HRMangtaa in their organization.  

Important features of HRMangtaa-HRMS

  • Employee Information  Management  
  • Employee Self Service
  • Time Tracking  Management
  • Multi way of fetching Attendance (Bio-metric Integration, Manual Punching Entry, Punching through Mobile App with/without Photo and direct Attendance Upload Facility)
  • GPS Tracking System (Ability to track your employee location during working hours using our Mobile Application)
  • Leave Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Penalty Management
  • Claim & Reimbursement
  • Request Management
  • Employee Photo Punch Tracking Facility
  • GPS Mobile Tracking with History
  • Loans & Advance
  • Loan and Advance Recovery Management
  • Cover all statutory compliance Policy with PF, ESIC, PT , LWF  
  • Increment Process with Bulk Increment Facility
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Leave Encasement Calculation
  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Job Opening Referral Incentive
  • Monthly Salary Adjustment
  • Monthly Payroll Process
  • TDS Management
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Task Management
  • Employee Daily Report Management
  • Document Management System(DMS)
  • Workflow  Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Training Management
  • Skill Management
  • Performance Management
  • Asset Issue-Recover Management
  • Event Management
  • Announce Management
  • Opinion Poll Management         
  • Memo Notice
  • Letter Generator Utility
  • HRMS Reports
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