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Connect with more buyers in key stages of the software buying cycle

Software buyers are using SelectHub at all stages of the purchasing process, from initial research and requirements gathering to shortlisting and final selection. Here are the steps in the software buying process SelectHub users take advantage of: 

How can we help you connect with these buyers?

These potential buyers identify themselves to SelectHub at critical steps in the process including requesting requirements templates, market comparison reports, product pricing/demo requests and SelectHub platform trial inquiries.

As they connect with us and engage within the platform, a SelectHub software selection expert calls them to assist in their research, asking pertinent questions to better understand their selection project including budget, authority to make a decision, needs and timeline to purchase (BANT).

Those BANT details, paired with the user’s contact information and permission to speak to vendors, are matched to your target lead profile. If there is a match, we introduce you to the potential buyer. At the same time your product is sent as a top recommendation, setting the stage for your outreach campaign.

What are the steps in the buyer experience?

  1. Our buyers identify themselves through inbound inquiries via organic search, pay-per-click ads and content syndication.
  2. They begin using SelectHub’s in-depth software market research and award-winning selection tool.
  3. A software selection expert calls them at key moments in their SelectHub journey.
  4. During this free 1-on-1 consultation, our experts ask them important questions to help them better understand what they’re looking for and to help identify best-fit products.
  5. After a successful consultation, the buyer verbally agrees that it’s a good time for vendors to reach out.
  6. SelectHub immediately sends recommended products to the buyer.
  7. The buyer continues with SelectHub: nurtured with educational content on how to make the best software decision for their organization’s needs, continued platform use including creating RFI/RFPs and scorecarding vendors.

How does the vendor partnership work?

  1. You (the software vendor) set your goals, budget and identify your target lead profile (TLP).
  2. SelectHub adds this information into our proprietary Lead Qualification System (LQS).
  3. When a potential buyer fits your TLP, the LQS sends those details to your email (and CRM if desired). It’s important to note that we have a QA process on each match that is sent to you to ensure you’re getting only the connections you’ve requested.

What kind of information is sent to me?

When buyer permission is confirmed, SelectHub sends you all the contact information you require along with industry, company size, annual revenue, number of users, reason for changing (when applicable), deployment type and timeframe to purchase.

Here is a sample of the data we deliver to you:

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