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Why use INX InFlight Mobile?

Key differentiators & advantages of INX InFlight Mobile

Share your travel plans
Coordinating activities outside of work can be made difficult with uncertain travel plans. We understand the importance of keeping friends and family in the loop and so you can share your details with them to view on their own phone.

No more waiting around
Relying on people to get back to you about your travel and roster plans can see delays and not always getting the information you want. With INX InFlight Mobile you get this information right away so there’s no more waiting around.

View flight booking detail
View where and when your flight is departing and arriving as well as the flight booking status so you can rest easy.

Know where you’ll be and when
Having uncertainty about your upcoming work schedule can be frustrating and inconvenient. With INX InFlight Mobile you can view your upcoming roster, accommodation and travel schedule whenever you want.

View accommodation detail
See which site you will be staying at as well as your accommodation and room details.

Encourage employees to review their details
With the ability to review their own accommodation, roster and travel details in the palm of their hand at any time, employees and contractors are encouraged to say on top of their schedule and request any changes with ease.

Keep your employees up to date
Rosters can change and bookings can be made on an ad hoc basis. With INX InFlight Mobile users can see their up to date plans with the time and date stamp confirming when it was last updated.

Communication made simple
As an employee or contractor, you may not necessarily know who to ask about your roster and travel details. With INX InFlight mobile, you have access to contact the relevant site administrator directly through the app.
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