Benefits and Insights

Why use INX InViron Mobile?

Key differentiators & advantages of INX InViron Mobile

Simplify environmental data capture
INX InViron Mobile is designed to help users simplify the environmental data management process by providing a convenient, easy to use platform to capture data that mirrors the INX InViron configuration.

Real-time data access
As soon as sample records are submitted from the mobile device, it is accessible from the INX InViron database and available for reporting, providing users with a central, single source of truth for all environmental data no matter how or where it is captured.

Field log sheets and samples on the go
Complete field log sheets and save samples to your device as you go. Once all samples have been completed, simply reopen your saved work and submit to the INX InViron database.

Compliance through scheduling
A schedule of samples capturing sample runs, field log sheet design (including points and fields) can be built within INX InViron and assigned to individuals so that when logging in to their device they can see which samples must be completed and when.

Improve visibility
Track the status of your sample runs with clear markers to identify which ones are due, in progress, submitted or overdue.

Switch between accounts
If sharing a device, multiple individual profiles can be set up so users can switch between accounts to access information relevant to them.

Streamlined data
Users can configure a variety of different field log sheet designs across the different monitoring programs in the INX InViron database. This design and functionality is copied through to INX InViron Mobile to ensure the business rules are applied at every point of data capture.

Anywhere, anytime
INX InViron Mobile enables users to capture data even when offline. Once a connection is re-established, the data stored on the device will be automatically uploaded to the INX InViron database.

Personalised for ease of use
Upon login, INX InViron Mobile will refine the list of samples in the database to the ones relating to the user. Samples are ordered by their respective due dates so users will know what they need to do and when.

View your activity
View a summary of your activity by the number of sample runs in progress, sample runs submitted and daily activity breakdown. 
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