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Why use Collectiveview Viewsuite?

Key differentiators & advantages of Collectiveview Viewsuite

Web-Based Access
Many businesses are still relying on computer hard drives to bear the brunt of each user’s documents. This is not only dangerous if the computer stops working, but it also makes it difficult to share documents between employees and review things on the go. All of our workplace management software systems are accessed online. This means users access their information remotely and securely on the web.

  Graphical Dashboards
Our dashboards allow any employee to keep up-to-date on their workload with ease. No longer do they need to rely on memos to be reminded of something needing completion or tracking. Our graphical dashboards within our workplace management software can check current statistics on space utilization, work orders, leases, MACs, and so much more.

  Flexible Configuration:
Not all of our base options will be suitable for every industry. This is why we customize our workplace management software for each company. This flexible configuration with user-defined options gives complete control over business processes and workflow needs.

  User-friendly Layout:
No one has time for complex configurations and navigational nightmares. Our workplace management software has easy-to-follow and user-friendly layouts. These are lateral and drill-down navigation controls with our ‘tab’ and ‘page’ systems.

  Dynamic Reports:
Deadlines can be stressful, especially when you have to gather all kinds of data and information to be collated for important meetings. Our dynamic reports function gives you on-demand reports to ensure you always have the most current information in an easy-to-understand and export format.

  Handheld/Tablet PC Compatible:
Collectiveview understands that many people are out and about during their working day. Whether you’re meeting with a client or working from home, we ensure it’s possible with our web based workplace management software. Our configuration allows cubicle audits and work orders to be completed from anywhere, at any time, on any handheld device.

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