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  • We help you select the most appropriate package based on your needs and budget. You can choose from our three packages: The Basics, Premium, and the Super App (many apps in one). Once you’ve selected a package, we schedule a 1 hour kickoff with our team to get the project rolling.

  • During the kickoff, we help you select the best features and buttons for your app (calendar, map, admission, social etc). This is also the ideal time to nail down important details like the app name, graphics guidance (what you want the app to look like) and key dates.

  • Our designers will create custom graphics for your app including: welcome page, home page, app icon and home page buttons. Just provide us with your logos and we’ll take it from there. We’ll enter all of your initial event data (including descriptions, images, YouTube videos, ticketing, directions, maps and locations, and more). You’ll be able to modify all of the app’s data later on using the simple online dashboard.

  • We upload the apps to the App Stores and send you the download links for your apps once they are live so you can share them with your audience. The Android app goes live within a few hours while the iOS (iPhone) app can take 7-10 days to go live. Apple tests the app before they approve it for distribution (yes, they are picky).

  • We help you with the launch, and give you tips on how to best promote your app. We show you how to use the simple dashboard so you can update the info and graphics. You can also check how many people are using the app, and what they are doing with it. If you’re stuck, just give us a call. Joey, Karen and the rest of the team will be happy to help you.
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