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Key differentiators & advantages of Deloitte Support Services

  • Business analytics, data, and technology Unlocking insights and value from information plays an increasingly important role in business today, and Deloitte’s network of member firms has know-how to share on the topic. Discover how organizations can deliver new value by leveraging SAP solutions to address analytics and data challenges. 

  • Customer engagement Making customer engagement meaningful—for both the customer and the business—requires an understanding of value. Deloitte’s network of member firms offers SAP-based lessons for leveraging customer transactions to deliver business results and value. 

  • Human capital management With decades of SAP experience, Deloitte’s network of member firms has assembled valuable lessons on what it takes to transform the management of human capital and enhance business value. 

  • Supply chain management As business leaders continue to seek efficiencies up and down the supply chain, Deloitte’s network of member firms stands ready with insights on leading practices involving SAP. Discover meaningful insights that can help deliver value inside and outside your organization. 

  • Core Renaissance Embracing new technologies while maintaining core systems proves increasingly challenging. Undertaking a strategic core renaissance with SAP® can offer enterprises an opportunity to drive innovation and growth. Deloitte’s network of member firms offers vital lessons on core revitalization. 

  • Doing business in the cloud As cloud computing continues to emerge as the go-to solution for critical business challenges, many critical questions remain. Deloitte’s network of member firms has answers. Explore Deloitte's knowledge base on how to leverage SAP solutions and the power of cloud computing to drive business value. 

  • Mobility Every business today feels the impact as more people demand more information and interaction while on the go. Deloitte’s network of member firms understands today’s mobile challenges, and we have insights to share when it comes to leveraging SAP tools to unlock the value of mobile. 

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) Customer relationship management (CRM) revolves around response, service, and understanding—all supported by better information management. It’s an area where SAP® technologies excel. Deloitte’s network of member firms provides insights on leveraging SAP to strengthen customer relationships. - Financial operations In today’s competitive environment, those who manage money understand that effective technology deployment is critical for delivering results. Read insights from the Deloitte network of member firms on the potential of SAP to improve finance, unlock value, and deliver results that matter. 

  • Sourcing and procurement Deloitte’s network of member firms provides a wealth of SAP-based knowledge that procurement executives can draw on to enhance value throughout their purchasing organization. Explore our knowledge base on how to leverage SAP solutions to drive business value end to end. 
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