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— Business Value Driving measurable business results is our key objective. We deliver cost-effective, high-quality SAP solutions through a range of tools, methodologies and other assets. The Accenture Delivery Suite for SAP offers reliable SAP implementations based on our experience delivering more than 1,500 SAP projects a year. —Innovation We differentiate our SAP offerings by investing in innovation: illuminating the ERP landscape and ongoing trends; developing assets that fill the “white space” in the SAP solutions portfolio; and envisioning the next generation of SAP solutions. The Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP are our hubs for learning, modeling, research and developing new solutions and assets. We share our experiences through publication and industry events, such as our annual Accenture SAP Leadership Council. — Best People and Relationships Ensuring we have the quantity and quality of skills and resources to meet client commitments is our most important investment. Our SAP practitioners—numbering 31,000 globally—are continuously expanding their capabilities and benefit from our significant investment in training.
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