Benefits and Insights

Why use Info.Net?

Key differentiators & advantages of Info.Net

  • Flexible ERP System - Info.Net application functions are designed to be flexible. They can be used individually or in combination to provide the necessary information tools. Info.Net can even be used to modify or replace all or part of an existing ERP system. Functional parameters can be easily set or changed as needed. Users have virtually unlimited possibilities to shape the system to fit individual needs.

  • Adaptable Architecture - Info.Net is built on object layers that can be easily modified to accept new and current developments. A technology change (i.e. databases, communications, hardware, operating systems, and user interfaces) can be accommodated simply by changing the appropriate object layer. This adaptability ensures that the system will not become obsolete from a change in technology.

  • ASP Hosting - LAMAR Software provides ASP Hosting services for Internet access to the Info.Net system. We have been providing mission-critical and secure Application Service Provider (ASP) services since 1998. Our dedicated server farm provides virtually uninteruptible information flow. With our hosting services, all you need is a PC and an Internet connection to use the system. There is no need to purchase computer equipment, no requirements to install large applications, and no need to set up a server network.

  • Customizing & Modifications - LAMAR Software is one of the few developers that maintains a custom development staff dedicated to our customer’s requirements. These custom services include system modification, custom development, and assistance with business process re-engineering. The development of specialized ERP extension applications and system modification is an added benefit to our customers who may require functionality beyond the system’s standard capabilities.
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