Cost of Ownership

Typical cost structure for Fishbowl:

License/Subscription Cost
  • Based on the number of user licenses and the support plan opted for by the customer
  • All user licenses are concurrent user, non-expiring licenses and include unlimited access to online training videos and an unlimited phone call support period
  • Price reduces as more number of users are added
Maintenance Cost

-User licenses include cost for unlimited user support via phone and access to online training videos

  • Unlimited phone support for calls up to ten minutes to users with an active M & S contract
  • Web-based training hours can be used for setup, problem-solving, or touring product features. The number of training hours varies depending on the number of user licenses purchased

-Provides incident support (any support call that exceeds ten minutes) for a specified number of incidents. Additional incidents may be purchased as needed or as a package that includes free incidents

Installation/Implementation Cost For both types of deployments, installation cost is included in the license cost
Customization Cost For both types of deployments, customization cost varies depending on the functional additions to the actual product based on user requirements
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Cost is derived based on organization’s existing software, complexity of data, amount of data, availability of data migration tools and gaps between organization’s current system and the new system
Training Cost

-Training cost depends on the selected training approach by and for the users:

  • Group/Department training
  • Train the trainer approach
  • End-user training
  • Video /self-training

-Fishbowl majorly offers two training options:

  • Training videos – Includes videos related to the following: Getting Started, Materials, Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Setup, Integration, and Troubleshooting
  • On-Site Training – Customized training to fit the processes, systems, people, and day-to-day operations of users’ business
Recurring/Renewal Costs For both types of deployments, cost is equivalent to the maintenance and support plan opted for by the users
Pricing Details
Product Name Description Price/Details
Pricing of Fishbowl What is the cost of the software? Starts at $4,395/license (one-time fee)
Deployment Options What options are available for product deployment? Cloud-based/SaaS and On-Premise
Pricing Model What is the pricing model?
  • License-based
Minimum Commitment Is there a minimum monthly or yearly commitment required for purchase? No minimum commitment required for purchase
Custom Quote Can you get a custom quote? Yes
Free Trial Does the vendor provide a free trial option? Yes, 14 Day Trial
Product Limitations

Some of the product limitations include:

  • The solution cannot be installed as a hybrid application
  • Does not enable employers to measure the productivity level of their employees by determining various key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Does not support forecasting future labor trends based on past and future trends
  • The solution involves lengthy implementation process and may not be financially viable for small and mid-size organizations
  • Does not integrate with Volusion and shipping tasks can be cumbersome

JDA WMS: Starting at $1,200 per month per site for unlimited number of users

Oracle WMS: Starting at $10 per month per 1,000 warehouse transactions

Tecsys WMS: License Cost: Starting at $50,000 (one-time license fee)

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