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  • Product Inception - Product Inception begins ENVISION's supply chain process.  Design concepts are created, refined, and confirmed.  Design variations are created and sourcing partners selected.  Costing Results are analyzed.  Chosen Design Variations are automatically converted to robust Purchase Orders, Production Specifications, and Supplier Contracts.  Workflow Activities are carefully monitored through all phases of Product Inception.
  • Produce Sourcing - ENVISION understands the specific issues controlling successful procurement of merchandise because it is designed exclusively for importers.  Effective sourcing, delivery monitoring, and financial commitment are achieved using ENVISION's purchase order and letter of credit modules.  ENVISION tracks in-bound vessels and air shipments with ease and prepares documentation for efficient customs processing.  Streamlined functionality allows merchandise to be received and managed, minimizing warehouse effort while maximizing inventory turns.
  • Customer Fulfillment - Customer Fulfillment is the proving ground to keeping your customers satisfied.  ENVISION employs a comprehensive Customer Profile to ensure your compliance with customer requirements.  Advanced Order Processing includes Sales Automation, Inbound EDI, and Order Substitution to facilitate sales order fulfillment.  Credit Checking and Allocation help you keep order commitments while monitoring your financial well-being.  Sales Representative templates allow you to compensate your sales staff with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Distribution Management - Whether using public warehousing facilities, or micro managing your own four walls, ENVISION provides support through every step of the distribution process.  ENVISION leverages cutting edge automation to gain the efficiencies needed to distribute merchandise within the short windows provided by the retailer.
  • Executive Command - ENVISION's Executive Command Systems empowers managers to make effective tactical decisions.  Real time data entry translates to real time information available for mission critical decision makers.  Drill down inquiries and sophisticated graphs provide executives with direct access to the pulse of your organization
  • Data Retrieval and Manipulation - Use VISBILITY to quickly and easily transform data into powerful content.  Create personalized layouts and data sets.  Graph results on the fly.  Export all data extraction to Excel™ or PDF format.  ENVISION Report Server™ provides visibility of all events and their impact through-out the supply change.
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