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Benefits of Process Manufacturing ERP Software

If your business produces any kind of physical, packaged good for your clients, then the fact is that you can benefit greatly from the features of process manufacturing ERP software that can turn your modest enterprise into a lean, efficient, industry-competitive machine.

Process-manufacturing software often falls under the category of “ERP,” or enterprise-resource planning, suite of collective programs that businesses like yours utilize to improve internal communication between their various departments and their shared data. SelectHub describes all the main reasons why ERP software matters so much to many corporations today, and essentially, here’s how they work:

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These programs assist all departments to work together better by streamlining your daily business processes into a master database capable of synchronizing key elements like inventory, orders, accounting figures, new human-resources updates and customer interactions with each other. Find Accounting Software defines process-manufacturing software as a digital tool combining all the information about your production resources to maximize your efficiencies.

As an operations executive, you have different needs that not all types of ERP software can satisfy. The following are seven benefits of process-manufacturing ERP software and what they specifically can do for your company and what tasks these programs do best:

1. Stay ahead of inventory to prevent unnecessary supply losses.

With a new process-manufacturing system, your entire production workflow becomes much more effective in less time. The program can remind you when to purchase what so that all your materials are always right on hand and in optimal condition. You can easily track all your ingredients or raw materials from start to finish and enter any expiration dates to monitor too.

2. Prevent thefts or large variances and losses during production.

Do you know exactly how much product you should be able to make from your supplies? With this system, you can calculate just how much merchandise each batch yielded during production. This transparency helps you identify better production goals for your team, isolate what factors resulted in losses and detect sudden disappearances of stock that require further investigation.

3. Effortlessly meet all your compliance regulations with lot management.

The added advantages of lot management in this system make every aspect of production fully traceable. This way, you can instantly generate reports and schedules that will allow your business to pass every inspection without unnecessary stress.

4. Adjust your order capacity faster.

When it comes to calculating exactly how many materials and how much labor you need in order to fulfill a fluctuating number of clients at any given time, this software is your best friend. You can pinpoint exactly how big your next batch must be to fulfill your current orders without waste and calculate when you can take on more orders to reach your true maximum-production capacity.

5. Keep your trade secrets safer while reporting.

While you’ll often need to use reports tracking your list of ingredients, especially when your business relies on a trademarked recipe, you don’t need to worry about others gaining access to your special recipes anymore. These programs can encrypt your data for better security, and they can even help you encode the special ingredients on documents like your bill of materials.

6. Turn out your products faster.

Customers have higher expectations now as the competition within every industry steadily increases, particularly in the United States. You can reduce order-fulfillment timeframes to build a bigger customer base by using this program to track the time involved for each step of production. When you’ve already recorded your busiest times in the program, you can plan ahead for rushes so that your company’s delivery times don’t slow down when it gets hectic.

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7. Prepare for unexpected supply shortages and changing demands by planning substitutions.

Sometimes you won’t be able to access everything needed right when you’re trying to fill a sudden influx of orders. Process-manufacturing software helps you tremendously in this area by allowing you to create built-in backup plans for how much of other materials or ingredients you could use when you’re in a tight spot.

You can also take your business one step further and customize orders for people with specific allergies or important preferences that you can satisfy, which your competitors may not be able to. You can also compare the cost per batch of each customized order and analyze the ingredients of each in greater depth, which is extremely beneficial when you need to make quick decisions about changing vendors or reaching out to new suppliers.

To get beyond the basic manufacturing ERP software benefits and learn more about what you need to know before buying process-manufacturing software, you can download our free related requirements template. Even better, why not also access our leaderboard to see the leaders in ERP.

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