Benefits and Insights

Why use GoodData Embedded Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of GoodData Embedded Analytics

  • Ease of Use: The intuitive self-service interface offers drag-and-drop usability that makes it accessible to users at all skill levels.
  • Accessibility: Users can access this solution from their desktop, mobile app or browser on any device.
  • Security: This solution offers enterprise-grade governance, compliance and security features. These include a serverless platform, change management, real-time provisioning, worldwide data centers as well as adoption and usage monitoring.
  • Open Platform: Developers can easily integrate, customize and utilize this solution with familiar dev tools like Python, SQL, Docker, etc. The flexible UI lets users build the system to their needs and embed it into any other platform (CRM, ERP, etc.) smoothly.
  • Full API Coverage: Offers APIs that give users full control over a range of features like platform provisioning, management and configuration.Ability to Make Data-Driven Decisions: Users can utilize proprietary data to identify trends, patterns and coverage issues to monetize that data in the form of business decisions.

Industry Expertise

GoodData specializes in the financial sector, retail and insurance providers and pairs with Snowflake data warehouse to provide industry-specific embedded solutions.

Key Features

  • Flexible Data Integration: Offers a modular pipeline to integrate with an organization's existing tech stack and business model. This integration also works with existing data warehouses both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Powerful Analytics: Provides contextual data models as well as powerful, intuitive MAQL language. Focused on resilient analytics, reusable metrics and distribution that allow it to perform reliably at scale.
  • Machine Learning: Continuously adapts and learns to anticipate users’ needs with both pre-built and customizable predictive/prescriptive algorithms.
  • Automated Distribution: Users can schedule automatic distribution of data to any demographic, including region, customer, product or department. This solution can handle any volume of data, even massive, unstructured datasets.
  • Data Processing: Flexible data processing abilities let users organize any data (unstructured, semi-structured and structured) with familiar tools like SQL, Ruby, Python, R, Docker, Scala or other machine learning scripts.

GoodData Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at or submit their information through a contact form on the contact us page.
phonePhone: Users can call support at +1 (415) 200-0194.
schoolTraining: Users have access to the university portal which offers a range of training courses, and can also request customized training. This includes front- and back-end training to help users get a well-rounded understanding of the platform’s operation. Training may incur an additional cost.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users are encouraged to utilize the knowledgebase of resources on the GoodData home page. They offer videos, articles, webinars and other resources that often answer users’ questions with ease. If no answer can be found, users can submit a ticket by filling out the ticket form on the support page. This does not require a sign-in.

Pricing for Embedded Analytics Tools

GoodData Embedded Analytics Reviews

The following reviews for GoodData Embedded Analytics are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms such as Capterra, Software Advice, Gartner Peerinsights, PC Mag and G2 Crowd.

Software / IT
20 - 49
You have to work to understand it
GoodData will literally grab any data point you want. You can cross reference data and create all desired reports.
Difficult to use. In my eyes, it's not an out of the box solution. We've completed multiple training sessions and it is difficult to use. The pricing structure is also very expensive.
Software / IT
50 - 99
Great tool to manage your business
Good Data provides a great way to manage your business. You can see all of the important metrics from one clean dashboard.
To make any adjustments to the data flowing into the tool you need expert help.
We use Good Data to manage the metrics that drive our business.
Software / IT
5000 - 9999
GoodData makes your data good
This software allows you to do with your data almost everything, from cleansing, manipulation to visualization. As such, it's a really great tool to do everything in one place.
As mentioned above, the fact that you can finish a data project in one tool also limits a bit its possibilites compared to a project that you phase out in different tools especially designed for the task at hand.
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