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Why use OZ e-Form?

Key differentiators & advantages of OZ e-Form

OZ e-Forms helps automate many of your business processes, such as moving information from paper forms into a database. By automating many of your processes that are traditionally done by manual means, OZ e-Forms eliminate instances of human errors that usually occur when re-entering information from source to another database. This also helps improve your overall efficiency at the backend.

Imagine a situation where a customer is ready to make a deal yet you do not have the contract ready. Such situation could potentially lead to the loss of that customer. OZ e-Forms enables you to bring your forms with you wherever you go and bring them out whenever you need them. The tool lets you create your digital forms and load it on your device. The next time you need to produce a document, a few swipes and clicks on your mobile device and you can have your clients affix their electronic signature on your digital documents and you’re done.

Many companies are now becoming conscious with how their practices are affecting the environment. With OZ e-Forms, not only are you going to save costs because you have reduced spending on paper, you are also going green because you minimize the need for paper, printing, distribution, storage, and disposal.

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