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Key differentiators & advantages of EHR YOUR WAY

We convert your current paper medical forms and reports into electronic replicas so you know how to use them from the get-go!

  • Go live in 60 days
  • Smart processes to prevent missing key workflow steps – Set up rules and reminders
  • Smart forms to avoid data entry errors – Auto-populate forms from pre-existing data
  • Smart content to standardize terminology used – Fill fields by selecting from pre-existing content that you customize for your requirements


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20 - 49
Great Company That Used Our Forms
This company was able to use the forms we designed in their software. When we have an issue come up, they work hard to resolve those issues. The system is easy to use and new employees are able to figure it out within a short time.
The beginning set up took a little bit of time, but ultimately everything was made how we wanted it. There are some glitches with the software, but after we contact customer support, they fix the issues within a few days.
This software allowed our company the ability to expand because before having an online system, we used email for all of our employees which was not successful. The software is easy to use so that makes the learning curve for our employees short and not a hindrance to their daily workload.
Information Technology & High Tech
We are a picky client and have taken a lot of time to perfect our application. Overall, very good!
The flexibility and the staffs ability to modify the application for our needs. The process has been very enlightening as we have asked for enhancements with many sections. The most intensive was two separate scheduling methods.
We are not the normal client, so the flexibility can be a hindrance in trying to get a project completed (scope creep). The process of dealing with a 3rd party for credit card integration. A silly item, typing EHR into a Word document or email auto corrects to HER.
We are still in implementation, however it has been a breath of fresh air. Very helpful staff.
What we like about the software is that it is user friendly and the staff make it fit our needs, not us having to change because the "system is not built to do that". Turnaround on forms and needs is very efficient and if the EHR-YOUR-WAY implementation team do not understand we do a call, or go to meeting, to clear up what is being asked. The company is very knowledgeable about what we do and was more than willing to assist with the state reporting that is required - in fact we sent them the state manual and they did the work! It has been a pleasure to work with EHR-YOUR WAY staff after dealing with more than 13 individuals on our previous implementation! We have had one contact person who then works with their team. We cannot wait to actually put this system into our work day. It will be used daily by multiple staff serving outpatient mental health, substance abuse residential, substance abuse out patient, and the IDD population both residential and day programs.
Peace of mind. I feel like this implementation will be successful and look forward to using this company for many years to come.
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