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Key differentiators & advantages of Care360 EHR

  • Part of the functionality of Care360 EHR addresses the electronic health record itself – modules in the EHR software system help doctors to enter important health information. Other parts of the system help with ordering tests and procedures. Care360 EHR also includes an e-prescribing system, a modern innovation that brings more accuracy and convenience to the task of writing prescriptions for patients.

  • The Care360 EHR system also helps practices to comply with industry standards. For example, the EHR software is made to accommodate the mandates made by the federal government in implementing meaningful use stages one and two; part of the goal of using EMR involves identifying health trends, and harnessing the power of big data to learn more about how a practice serves a community.

  • Another part of Care360 EHR design is aimed at improving revenue cycle management and providing technology solutions through a digital medical billing service tool set. Handling a revenue cycle is an enormous task for the average physician practice – part of this has to do with the “triage” that claims are subject to, and the back and forth that happens in the process of resolving claims. Medical billing service features in this EHR software product allow a provider office to more firmly control projected revenue, and to save time and money in the claims handling process.
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