Benefits and Insights

Why use Catalyst Insight?

Key differentiators & advantages of Catalyst Insight

  • Load data seamlessly Send your files directly to us and let our automated system process, load, search, tag and batch your files for review within hours. 
  • Cut down on mistakes Our central repository gives you a single place to manage your discovery documents. Files don’t get lost or delayed moving from vendor to vendor. 
  • Reduce review costs Cut review costs in half by standardizing workflows across cases and counsel, tagging documents once and reusing them in multiple cases, and reviewing smarter through Insight Predict. 
  • Manage data across matters Our single-instance storage lets you link a single document to multiple matters. Pay to process, manage and store the document only once, while ensuring uniformity across cases. 
  • Reduce discovery spend By consolidating discovery documents into a central repository, you can reduce total spend by 50% or more on aggregated volumes.
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