Benefits and Insights

Why use ViewWise®?

Key differentiators & advantages of ViewWise®

  • Reduced Paper and Ink Costs
    ViewWise can dramatically lower costs in terms of reducing reliance on paper and printing, and alleviating the administration costs associated with filing, searching for, and storing hard copy documents. With the huge push to incorporate “green” technology, ViewWise has become even more attractive to potential clients in recent years.

  • Reduced Operation Time and Costs
    ViewWise boasts a familiar Windows atmosphere, and allows users to import documents in many ways including right-click or drag and drop. Users will quickly learn the software without the need for extensive training. Also, ViewWise Workflow provides organizations with a solution to automate document processes, set up tasks and notifications, and collaborate among departments or with outside vendors and partners who are granted the proper security rights.

  • Access Documents from Anywhere
    ViewWise allows organizations to capture and archive any vital documents into a centralized repository so they are accessible by all employees with the proper security and rights - from anywhere with internet connectivity. To be competitive, companies must have this type of “information agility” in order to effectively react to dynamic changes in their marketplace.

  • Simple Integration
    ViewWise is equipped with integration capabilities to exchange information with your existing infrastructure. Integration is necessary to maximize efficiency and ROI. With the ViewWise Application Enabler or SDK, integrating your existing business applications is simple and improves productivity and user acceptance.

  • Business Process Automation
    ViewWise Workflow enables organizations to automate document processes, set up tasks and notifications, and easily collaborate among departments or with outside vendors and partners. With Email notifications and document route creation, ViewWise moves content through the defined route while reminding staff of tasks which they must tend to in order to finalize the route.
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