Benefits and Insights

Why use Patrina’s Data Archiving & Electronic Records Management Platform?

Key differentiators & advantages of Patrina’s Data Archiving & Electronic Records Management Platform

  • GOVERNANCE: Gain control over your records and enforce governance, risk management, and compliance. Our platform is designed for compliant electronic records management and meets record keeping guidelines of FINRA, CFTC, SEC, FRCP, etc.

  • DATA INTEGRITY: Validating the data’s integrity ensures that the information captured is complete, uncorrupted, accurate and useful.

  • FAILSAFE: Our data archiving and records archiving platform adds an additional layer of protection for client’s disaster preparedness plans.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Your data is protected and confidential with strong authentication procedures and controls employing a layered defense-in-depth approach with state-of-the-art security architecture.

  • ACCESS CONTROLS: We provide a reliable, secure infrastructure for compliant electronic records management with secure access data 24/7, for authorized users through our private cloud infrastructure.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Our flexible platform will meet your records archiving needs today and your records management needs tomorrow.
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