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Marketing Services
50 - 99
We have downsized in a good way
We have had the system for over two years now and in those two years we have been able to cut our staff to almost half and eliminated storage space. We have saved thousands of dollars since the start of Snapfulfil in our company.
The beginning of using the software was rough and with any other wms software you run the chances of the system going down and your production being low.
The setup was pretty easy but the usage was tough in the beginning. We had to train all the fulfillment and warehouse crew to use the system and that took us a few months. I have to say their customer service made the transition smoother than we anticipated and the saving speak for itself.
Media & Communications / Entertainment
20 - 49
Overall experience was good. Implementation + Training and Go-Live was simple and easy.
Easy of use + custom modifications made , based on our subscription model. We use the software on a daily basis and it is pretty simple to use.
In the beginning we were unable to print labels in bulk at once. However, there was a modification made later.
Not Available
Customer Service leaves something to be desired and software has limitations
The software is really easy to use. Also, this review is not ideal... The only thing I like about snap is that the interface is user friendly.
There are a lot of limitations to this software. Every time that we want something changed is a massive ordeal getting customer service to figure out how to do it. Most of the time I have to tell them exactly what is needed. They put the work on us instead of figuring these things out for us. They are pretty expensive and I would like customer service to be more knowledgable. Every time I call I often get a new person to our account and its very frustrating.