Benefits and Insights

Why use Devolutions inc. Remote Desktop Manager?

Key differentiators & advantages of Devolutions inc. Remote Desktop Manager

  • Centralize your remote connecitons: RDP | SSH | Web | VNC | Telnet | ICA/HDX | TeamViewer | LogMeIn| and many others 
  • Automatically connect to more than 25 different VPN (Cisco, Microsoft, SonicWall, F5, etc.) - Increase the functionality of RDM with more than 60 add-ons 
  • Save and manage all your passwords 
  • Integrate existing password managers (Secret Server, Passwordstate, KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, and many others). 
  • Input credentials and automatically login everywhere - Centralize and share all connections, passwords and entries within your organization 
  • Manage and restrict user accesses - Set user specific credentials - View connection logs and track all remote accesses details 
  • Store, share and link attachments - Protect sensitive data 
  • Create template to simplify management - Browse shared folders or cloud repositories, such as DropBox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Storage 
  • Connect to any FTP, SFTP or FTPS site - Access multiple accounts from one machine 
  • Integrate your dashboards and consoles such as Amazon AWS | Citrix | XenServer | Microsoft Azure | Terminal Services | Hyper-V | VMware
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