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Why use CrossTec Remote Control?

Key differentiators & advantages of CrossTec Remote Control

  • Platform Flexibility Deliver powerful remote control and system diagnostics from any Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. Connect to any remote Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS (or legacy CE, DOS, Solaris) device. 
  • Monitoring Systems with Interactive Thumbnails The Monitor Mode feature allows a user to display a thumbnail view of all connected Client workstations simultaneously. The size of these thumbnails can be adjusted to suit. In addition, the user can mouse over a specific thumbnail for an expanded view of each selected PC. 
  • Remote Control Watch, Share or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any PC irrespective of colour depth, resolution or operating system. CrossTec Remote Control delivers the fastest and most secure remote control available. 
  • Auto-Grouping of Remote Systems The Control "tree view" provides an instant overview of your IT infrastructure by grouping the remote systems based on pre-defined criteria such as Operating System, PC type (laptop, all-in-one, desktop, tablet, virtual PC etc), even country. 
  • File Transfer A user can transfer files between their PC and a user's workstation using a simple drag and drop interface - even drop a file directly onto the desktop when viewing a remote machine. 
  • Geo Location New to CrossTec Remote Control is a simple but flexible feature aimed at making the grouping of remote devices much easier for companies supporting multiple sites. - Chat, Messages, Help Requests and Audio Support Within CrossTec Remote Control, a user can conduct a two-way chat session between any number of selected users in either text or full audio mode. 
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